The Krambua restaurant


Krambua’s chef

Mickael Björkman is the Krambua‘s chef in Hamnøy Lofoten archipelago in north Norway. He prepares fresh fish catched directly from the local fishermen.
The menu is not fixed but it changes day by day depending on the fresh ingredients and on the chef ‘s inspiration. The Krambua restaurant is also managed by Noemi from Italy, helping to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Upstream cods is our way to tell people the story, using pictures, about stockfish and salted cod, how these two products gets fished, prepared and presented to everyone’s table.
The meaning of Upstream Cods is to follow the full production chain backwards: we’ll start from Liguria’s festivals and restaurants concerned stockfish and salted cod, going upstream to the Lofoten islands, Norway, where the cods are fished and prepared to be sold to public, as we know it…be sure that we are also going to snoop around on how they are cooked in their native land. And, by the way, we will photograph the natural beauty of these remote islands located beyond the Arctic Circle!
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Some pictures are visible here